Environmental labeling of packaging for proper disposal

As of Jan. 1, environmental labeling of packaging is mandatory. Through the label, the product and its composition are identified, but the consumer is also given guidance on disposal.

Guidelines for proper environmental labeling were issued by the Ministry of the Environment, which on Nov. 21 published Ministerial Decree No. 360 of Sept. 28, 2022, in the Official Gazette. In the Guidelines, it is stressed that, in accordance with the principles of free movement of goods, digital channels can be adopted for the mandatory information of all packaging. ITLAS has chosen this route, creating a QR code, printed on the packaging itself, which once framed links to a dedicated web page, where all the types used by the company and the relevant ways of reuse and/or disposal (subject to verification of individual municipal regulations) of the material are listed.

Among the ESG goals that ITLAS pursues and that are reported in the Sustainability Report are the reduction of raw material consumption and the use of environmentally sustainable packaging. Since 2020, the company has been using lower weight packaging: the stretchable has gone from 17 to 15 microns, while maintaining the same square footage. That is, the stretchable is thinner but higher performing. Also from 2020, 100% recycled shrink wrap, 30% recycled bubble wrap, and eco pallet are used.

Next goal is to try to introduce paper to replace packaging that has plastic as a component.

Find out how to properly dispose of ITLAS packaging:

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