Acting according to green

The philosophy at the core of Itlas’ thirty years of activity is born out of a lifestyle. For ourselves and for our customers we look for that wellness that has become also the leading thread for architecture and design all around the world.

This is why we think it is important to let people know which are the actions we still undertake, in order to follow the green road we have chosen from the start. Small and big everyday choices, which go together with our certification route and with the characteristics of quality that are at the core of our products.


This is the tool to communicate to our stakeholders our yearly accomplishments on the route to sustainability. The document, which is voluntary, since the company is not listed on the stock exchange, has as technical and methodological standard the GRI Standards (Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Standards) published in 2018, integrated by the Goals for Sustainable Development set by 2030 Agenda.


The pallets we buy are all ECOPALLET® certified, made of PEFC™ certified wood and produced using renewable energy.


We use boxes in recyclable cardboard, 100% recycled shrink wrap, 30% recycled bubble wrap and a thinner but more technical and performing stretchable.


Since 2011 we have installed a system of 4,172 solar panels that allow each year the reduction of about 45% of CO2 equivalent emissions and of more than 55% of emissions of substances that damage the ozone layer, also avoiding the consumption of non-renewable resources.


We purchase certified green electricity with the aim of saving 1,300 tons of CO2 per year and taking a further step towards carbon neutrality.


In all offices and production plants we have installed dispensing systems that draw directly from the aqueduct, erasing the use of plastic bottles.


We use FSC® certified paper to confirm our environmental philosophy and the search for products that rigorously comply with certain economic and social standards.

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