Parquet in American walnut

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American walnut flooring: origin of this wood type
The most noticeable characteristic of this tree is its stateliness. It can reach height 20-25 mt. and it is a long-lived plant, which can live over one century. The trunk is really huge – very tall and straight, it gives the tree a majestic appearance. It is very common in the woods from Canada to Louisiana. It is remarkably resistant to diseases and pollution. Walnut is renowned for its precious wood, very appreciated for parquet and furniture thanks to its beautiful grain and for its homogeneous and compact structure.
Parquet in American walnut

Its texture is medium, fibres extremely varied, both because of the natural deviations due to irregularities in the trunks, to branches and to the presence of knots and of briar, used for extremely precious products. Planks are of an intense brown, devoid of too many veins or lighter parts. A good choice for all those that prefer a clean and linear flooring, with not many particularities but anyway precious. From a technical point of view, American Walnut has a medium hardness, so it is suitable for almost any environment, even if not much recommended for kitchens where the fall of heavy objects could damage the surface and prejudice the aesthetic effect. Precious, stylish, with a remarkable identity even if never intrusive – American Walnut grants stability and resistance, which make it a beloved parquet all over the world. With its elegant grain it is often used as a “warm” parquet in modern settings. American Walnut parquet, known in Italy also as “Noce Canaletto”, has a dark brown colour, homogeneous and devoid of those lighter shades that are proper of European Walnut. It is perfect for all those who love linearity, prestige and timeless charm. It matches perfectly with classic furniture and precious curtains, ancient furniture and antiques, but recently it has been employed also in minimal and contemporary settings with a truly amazing effect. The heartwood – namely the hardest part of the trunk, which is used in the production of parquet – is of a typically chocolate brown, with several stripes. One of the main characteristics is the easiness of processing – which makes it easy to use it to obtain a parquet that is perfect for interiors and easy to be finished. The beauty of this material is appreciated also by craftsmen, who use it for furniture.

The intense brilliancy of American Walnut parquet increases over the years and makes its elegant veins stand out even more. Its peculiarities and irregularities give it an unmistakable character and this makes it so valuable in the furniture industry. Walnut wood is also considered the wood of artists par excellence and it is used for the production of musical instruments, chess pieces and weapon grips. It is a particularly suitable solution for all those very elegant and classy environments and is particularly in tune with a glamorous style. A prestigious floor, which matches perfectly with a tufted sofa and elegantly tailored curtains, but also finds its place in a more contemporary context, with modern style furniture. Ideal for any room in the house, American walnut – or black walnut – floors are among the most robust and at the same time noble and precious. The hue of the American walnut is a warm chocolate, intense and full, crossed by suggestive lighter and slightly darker veins, almost purple. Ideal to be fit in modern environments, an American walnut floor does not lose its charm with the passage of time, on the contrary, its deep shine is accentuated, further highlighting its elegant veins, fibres and its intriguing irregularities giving it a unique and unmistakable appearance. The high quality of the product and the skill in the processing phase allow the installation of the Walnut planks also in humid environments, such as bathrooms.

This kind of flooring is suitable for any room of the house. Furthermore, the American Walnut has an average level of stability, it can adapt to humidity and temperature changes and consequently it can be employed without particular problems, even on heated floors. This wood type is particularly suitable for parquet, fine furniture, interior furnishings. Known as artists’ wood, it is widely used for making musical instruments, chess pieces, billiard cues, decorative architectural elements, weapon grips, luxury automobile interiors and dashboards.

In floating installation, planks are not fixed onto the subfloor by using glue, on the contrary they are simply laid upon the screed and between floorboards and screed there is an insulating layer. The blocks are kept together by their own weight. In the installation with glue, on the contrary, particular adhesives are used to fix the planks onto the screed without any other material in between. Both systems guarantee a perfect result. However, the choice between the two must be made after a careful evaluation of the circumstances.

The parquet can be cleaned with warm water and neutral soap, taking care of using a soft and well-wrung mop. Aggressive products such as acids, descalers and bleach should be avoided. Liquids must be dried immediately to avoid any damage to the floor and contact with varnishes ad solvents should be avoided as much as possible.

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