Parquet in Afrormosia

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Afrormosia flooring – origin of this wood type
Afrormosia comes from a plant called Pericopsis elata or Afromosia elata, which belongs to the family of Leguminosae papilionaceae. It is a rare plant, which grows mainly in the western area of equatorial Africa. The bark is smooth and brown, with grey reflections. In time the bark begins to crack and the inner part, with a reddish-brown tinge, starts to show. Branches, absent in the lower part of the trunk, are many and curved on the higher. The trunk is straight and it can reach fifty mt. height, with a diameter of more than 1 meter and a half. Sapwood is white and yellow, while heartwood tends to a golden brown or olive colour and is far more precious – for this reason the wood for floorings comes only from this part of the timber. A careful sanding allows smart and pleasant texture to emerge and in cell cavities sometimes there are very fine mineral particles.
Parquet in Afrormosia

The colour is given by the white-yellow sapwood, distinct from the heartwood which is golden brown or tending to bright olive-brown. With seasoning the heartwood gains yellowish tones, mixed with a dark brown. The pretty strict texture and the almost regular fibres bestow to this wood a very pleasant appearance. Hard and compact, it can be worked easily and it gets a beautiful brightness even after a simple sanding. Afrormosia (known also as afromosia) is a very hard and elegant wood, with a yellow brown colour and a fine, straight grain. It is subject to a strong oxidation that brings it towards dark brown tones. Used for floorings, its veins are not so much marked, anyway the planks show a pleasant pattern of curved lines. It has a fine texture with strongly intertwined fibres such as to show, after sanding processes, beautiful shiny and matt stripes. Afrormosia parquet has high mechanical resistance, stability and durability, therefore it can be used on underfloor heating or in high-traffic environments, as well as in bathrooms and kitchens. An Afrormosia flooring matches beautifully with other materials, such as stone and marble, perfectly combining with modern furniture and giving a delicate and stylish touch.

It is a precious wood, with straight grain with golden reflexes that remind of harvested wheat. Its chromatic variations from deep green to dark hazelnut colour make afrormosia parquet a particular, refined flooring, with an exotic taste. Each specimen of the same wood type, so each plank, has its own unique look, which depends both from the particular climatic and mineralogic features of the place where the tree has grown and from the point of cutting, even from the positioning of the trunk. This allows all those who choose an afrormosia parquet to get something really unique, inimitable, which gives a distinctive feature to any environment.

This wood type is employed for a vast range of items, from parquet to naval furniture. The most common uses are parquets and floorings, building and shipping structures, cabinetmaking and fine furniture. Thanks to its proved resistance to weather it is used also for outdoor structures. Its high durability makes it fit to be used outdoor, but in this case, if humidity is present, it is better to avoid contact with any iron elements, as it may cause corrosionIt is also considered a very stylish wood type, so it is often used instead of teak in precious furniture

For a correct cleaning and maintenance, it is recommended to wipe the floor with a wet, well- wrung mop and to use proper, delicate cleansers. Please mind that carpets and furniture create unlighted areas, where the flooring cannot oxidate as in other areas. In order to prevent this phenomenon, it is recommended to move furniture from time to time. Periodically it can be useful to employ reviving products. It is recommended to carefully remove water, as it can damage the parquet. For the same reason, it is suggested to avoid using solvents, ammonia, acids and corrosive or abrasive products.

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